Welcome To The Villa bed & breakfast

Nestled on over an acre of land yet located just minutes from the iconic L&P bottle and town centre, The Villa Bed and Breakfast, Paeroa is the perfect place to relax or use as a base whilst exploring the many walks, bike trails or arts and antiques shops.

We have owned this Villa for about 20years. In this time it has been home to our Children, grandchildren and array of family members. Now everyone has moved or passed on we decided to turn it in to a Bed and Breakfast.

The home is situated on over an Acre of Land which houses a few animals. Den – he is a British blue and owns the place, Ginny – she is our little exotic who was a runt and has never grown much. We have a Kune Pig called George who loves a scratch, Goats name is Ninja, chickens who all have names thanks to my grandchildren. We have a British Bull Dog called Gus, he roams the house and yard. We have a donkey- Sir Ponsonby, minature stallion- Georgie who thinks hes 6foot stallion, 2 new ducks which at the moment have 5 ducklings, a turkey Lincoln and another dog Louie a french bulldog, he is stone death. Not sure how much longer turkey will be with us is he keeps getting in my garden.

This home is full of history and lots of stories, if only it could talk. The home was built around 1890 by Mr Poland for his wife and 9 children, he was a member of parliament at the time. It only had one other owner after Poland then us. The House had a large Apple orchard back then and a tennis court next door, he owned the street ( which has his name) and the land beside. His grandchildren talk of visitors getting off the train which ran along the back street, walking up here to have club sandwiches being waited on by the maid and then off to play tennis and lawn bowls.

Our home is solid Kauri and was built to last. When we took on renovating this labour of love it was eight bedrooms that we have renovated completely from the roof, wiring, piles, gibed walls, kitchens, bathrooms and the section.

The Kitchen/Pantry is now our office it was so small, our room is the original dining room, we felt we didn’t need the luxury of a separate dining room. We now have a combined kitchen dining area. The original parlour is our Library. The B&B kitchen was a bedroom and the lounge area a library. The Maids quarters is now our laundry and our ensuite. We have varnished the original Kauri floors throughout the hall.

When we purchased the home it had not been touched, it had the original scrim on the walls and some of the rooms had not been opened for a lot of years. We tried to keep the character of the home as much as we could while still adding our touches.

We have enjoyed the renovation although we did have the odd disagreement. It is full of love and character from the previous owners and our own family.

Please make yourself at home.

The front deck is for your enjoyment, it gets full sun in the afternoon.